Walmart To Push Their Private Baby Brand

Walmart To Push Their Private Baby Brand

Walmart is throwing its hat into the baby product ring.  The world’s largest retailer is making a huge push for its baby brand, Parent’s Choice.  They will be adding over 120 new products to their baby item arsenal, as well as making sufficient upgrades to 100s more.

Does this have anything to do with Toys R Us recently going bankrupt?  Yep, of course it does!  Market share just opened up, so the big box giant would be dumb not to pounce on this opportunity.

Walmart Parents Choice

Adding more baby products is also a great way for them to keep the new and ever-growing crop of millennial parents interested in their store and products.

“We’re just making sure that we are on trend with what consumers are looking for today,’’ says Diana Marshall, a vice president for Walmart U.S.

The booming baby product industry is worth over 60 billion in the USA.  That is a pretty nice pie to take a piece from!

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