Top Family Movie To Watch in April

Top Family Movie To Watch in April

Disney’s Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

This one takes me back to my childhood.  I loved this movie.  Now you can share it with your kids on April 15th, on Neflix.

The exciting story about 3 pets who misconstrue their situation and think their owners have abandoned them, when they are really just dropping them off at a friend’s house while they go on vacation. Thinking that there is no other choice, the 3 animals decide to leave the friend’s ranch and make their way back to the kids they love.

Follow Shadow (Don Ameche), Sassy (Sally Field), and Chance (Michael J. Fox) as the 3 embark on a treacherous and thrilling journey through the California wilderness, to find their way back home

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This flick is a wholesome and fun adventure for your whole family.

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Parents will feel nostalgic watching this Disney classic from 1993, while kids will be thoroughly entertained and curious to see how the animals’ journey will end.  Spoiler alert, they make it back to their family safely, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t some bumps and nerve-racking moments along the way.  Come on, Shadow…don’t give up!  Get out of that damn hole!  Sorry, that part gets me every time.

If you have Netflix, give this a view in April.  If you remember it from your youth, you’ll still enjoy it.  If you have never seen it, you will find this a fun movie for the family.  If you don’t have Netflix…well then you probably don’t read blogs on the internet either…so….yeah….

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