Review of Nurture Life Subscription Meal Service

Review of Nurture Life Subscription Meal Service

Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

The folks at Nurture Life were nice enough to send me a week’s worth of food, for my son to try.  While I did receive promotional items for this review, all thoughts and views in this review are my own.

So you’ve all undoubtedly seen the commercials for, or know someone who has tried, Blue Apron or meal subscription services like it.  Pretty cool idea, right?  Pick some healthy meals, they send you everything, and you just prepare it all.  In an age where most people will wait 2 days on an Amazon Prime order VS running down the road to Walmart for some shampoo, these companies definitely are on the right path.

Nurture Life is a bit different from the other meal subscription services out there.  Nurture Life is designed for babies, toddlers and kids.  All the meals they send you are precooked.  All you need to do is reheat them and serve.

How It All Works

  • Subscribe – You go to the site, sign up, and are able to choose what your kid will receive each week.  If you are feeling lazy, you can let the chefs at Nurture Life decide for you.  Menus change weekly so your kids get a variety of tastes and experiences.  All of Nurture Life’s meals are made-to-order and are designed around your child’s nutritional needs for their current age and stage of development.
  • Delivered To Your Front Door – You will receive a week’s worth of prepared meals, inside an insulated box designed for freshness.
  • Reheat and Serve – When your kids are ready, just warm the meal in your microwave, oven or stove top.

Let’s Start With The Delivery And Packaging

The food came on time and was waiting for me when I got home from work.  Nurture Life gives you tracking information, so you know when it arrives at your home.

Nurture Life Review

Everything was packaged very well in an insulated box.  The packaging contained cooling packs, to help keep the meals chilled and fresh.  They should be good for several hours, if you aren’t able to get the package right when it is delivered.  I was impressed with how well everything was packaged.

nurture life packaging

Inside the box were the individually sealed meals.  All jars and food trays are sealed using modified atmosphere packaging, which removes the oxygen and replaces it with inert gases to ensure the meals stay fresh longer.  Each package contains a “Consume By” date listed on it.  Typically, you have a good 6-7 days to consume each meal, after it is refrigerated.  The individual containers also list all ingredients and also provides a link for nutritional facts.

nurture life food


The Food!

We tried one meal per day and were very pleased with the quality of the food.  My wife and I tried everything, along with our son.  Here is what we thought:

  • Roasted turkey with garnet yams & whole wheat stuffing – This was the first meal we tried.   It honestly looked like a little Thanksgiving Day meal for our little man.  Everything tasted great.  The turkey was surprisingly tender for being precooked and sealed.  Noah’s favorite was definitely the yams.  He was all over them…and some were all over him.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the stuffing, but he’s just weird about certain stuff (pun?).  My wife and I both thought the stuffing was pretty good.


  • Butternut squash ravioli with spiced carrot & pumpkin sauce – This was the favorite of everyone in our household.  This meal honestly tasted like something you would order in a nice restaurant.  If you like anything squash or pumpkin, you will love this meal.


  • Spinach stuffed gnocchi with vegetable bolognese – Another one that surprised me with its grownup taste, all made for a little kid.  My son is a huge fan of anything pasta and he loved this dish.  This was probably his second favorite.  I think I am right there with him on this one.  He didn’t finish this in one meal, so he had it again for lunch the following day.  This meal reheated very well and he liked it as much the next day.


  • Spaghetti & chicken meatballs with cheesy broccoli & cauliflower – This is probably a safe pick for most kids, but Noah wasn’t a huge fan of this one.  He was very timid to try the chicken meatballs.  I tried them and they were actually pretty good.  He basically just ate the spaghetti from this meal.  Now, most kids would probably feel safer with this over butternut squash ravioli, but what can I say…he’s fancy like that haha.


  • Braised beef & vegetable stew – I’d say that this meal is another safe bet for most children.  It is pretty simple and has everything you need for a solid meal.  Noah was a fan of this and it reheated well the next day.  I was again surprised by how tender the meat stayed.


Online Ordering Experience – I found Nurture Life’s website very easy to navigate.  The different stages and food options are all laid out and easy to follow.  You can easily find information on how the food is prepared, costs, shipping, and more.

Food Variety – There are several stages for each age group and each one offers new and different options.  I was honestly very impressed with the food that we received.  As I mentioned, some of the stuff could have been off a Bistro menu.  There are also considerations for kids with various food allergies, as well as gluten free options.

Quality and Taste – I definitely have to approve of Nurture Life’s food, based on the samples I received. The portions were good sized, the taste was very good, and ingredients were all healthy and mostly organic.  My son tends to be a picky eater, as of late, and he really only had reservations about the chicken meatballs.  But I can say that the meatballs were pretty good.  I wasn’t mad about having to finish some of his meals for him.

Pricing –  For the first stage –  6 months+, you are looking at $45 per week for 8 meals.  You can decide if you want to get more meals each week, for a little more money.  For the samples we received, at the toddler level, we would have been paying $47 per week for the 5 meals.  You could also bump that up to 10 meals for $89.  And then as you move up in age, obviously so does the price.  For the final stage, which is 14 years old and up, you could be spending over $100 per week on meals.

Overall, Nurture Life has a very impressive program with some great meal options.  The cost might be a deterrent for some people, but you need to consider the quality food you are getting, as well as the time you are saving.  Remember, this is all made-to-order and made from mostly organic ingredients, which do cost more.

For what we got, I think $47, or around $9.50 per meal, was pretty fair.  I would honestly consider doing maybe 1 week each month, just for something different and as a break from making food for him.  We tend to feed him what we eat, so I don’t think we’d benefit from a weekly schedule.  But, families that have busier schedules would definitely benefit from this more.  I don’t know that I would ever do anything beyond the toddler level foods.  I assume Noah will take after his mom anyways and live on chicken tenders and ranch.

If you guys want to give it a try, you can check Nurture Life out at  To see if they deliver to your area, simply enter your zip code on the homepage.  At least check out the site and see all the options.  They really do put together some nice and unique meals.




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