Push Present Ideas For An Expecting Mom

Push Present Ideas For An Expecting Mom

Guys, if you are reading this and thinking, “what the hell is a push present?” you aren’t alone.  I had never heard of this until my wife was pregnant.  I think a lot of guys might be ignorant to this tradition. But don’t worry, we have you covered.  Let’s look at what the push present is and get some push present ideas for your baby momma.

What Is A Push Present?

The push present is pretty much what it sounds like – you are giving your partner a present for pushing that kid out.  As guys, we can’t really begin to understand what a woman goes through when it comes to carrying a baby and giving birth to that baby.  I think we can all agree that the later part probably is not so fun or enjoyable.  So giving them a small token of our appreciation for this amazing achievement is the least we can do.

You can give the push present anytime before the delivery, especially if the gift is something that is going to be used to provide comfort during pregnancy, like a massage package, etc.  If you are waiting to find out the actual birth date and/or gender of the baby, for maybe a personalized gift or something gender specific for the nursery, then you’ll obviously have to wait until after the baby is here.  And if you just want to go all in on one moment, you can give the gift right in the delivery room.  She is already going to be on cloud 9 with her new baby, so I’d probably let that ride for a bit and then give the gift later.  Those babies tend to overshadow your thoughtfulness.

5 Push Present Ideas For An Expecting Mom

Jewelry – When has this ever been a wrong answer to the question “what gift would my lady like?”  You cannot go wrong with jewelry, fellas.  The type of jewelry is totally on you.  You know your lady.  You know if she expects nothing less than that Tiffany & Co. box or if she’d be happy with something more personal, like a necklace that has your child’s name and birthday on it (this gift would obviously have to be given after the baby is born, in most cases).  Check out Etsy for lots of great ideas.

push present ideas for wife

Camera – Her phone can only hold so many pictures of that new baby.  Heaven forbid she misses one expression, smile, or fart-grimacing face.  A large part of her day is going to be dedicated to capturing every development, change, and silly antic that your child has to offer.  A new camera is a great push present idea, for those reasons.  I personally love Nikon.  Something like this Nikon D3300 is a great camera.

Pampering – This can be a lot things.  You can get her a prenatal massage, or just a regular massage to use after the baby comes.  Another idea would be a gift basket full of lotions, massage oils, aroma therapy, bubble bath, etc.  Mani pedis are also a great option for a push present.  Remember, odds are she hasn’t been able to see, let alone reach her toes, for a few months now.  So, having someone do her feet up real nice, would be a nice treat at this point.

While, not exactly a traditional form of “pampering,” hiring a maid service could also fall under this category.  The last thing your exhausted wife is going to feel like doing, after 2 hours of sleep each night, is clean the house or do dishes.  Now, hopefully you are stepping up and taking on some of these chores.  But, if you are like me, who vacuums around items and not under them, then your style of cleaning doesn’t exactly win any awards.  A cleaning service can be a great push present for an expecting mom.

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Purse/Handbag – Much like option #1, I doubt many ladies are going to be upset if you add to their purse collection.  Remember, they already have a diaper bag, so the handbag should be more for them….not baby stuff.  Picking out a purse is much like jewelry – it really varies from woman to woman.  Check out what she already has, to try and get an idea on her tastes.  You can also ask her friends or maybe her mom or sister.  Or, you can take a chance and just play around on Amazon until you find one that you think she’ll like.  Kate Spade is apparently a nice brand from the reviews I see.   You obviously don’t want to be spending Gucci money, remember you will need to feed your new baby, but you also don’t want to hit the sales rack at Kohl’s. push present ideaA Tablet – If your lady doesn’t already have a nice tablet, then this is a great option for a push present. This gives her an easy way to stay connected to work, friends and family and makes sharing those new baby pics all the easier.  If she is breastfeeding, she’s going to have a lot of time where she is constrained to one location for long periods of time.  A tablet comes in very handy in these situations. Now days you can get a nice tablet for only a few hundred bucks.  We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and really like it.

push present ideas

So there you have 5 push present ideas.  Have you given any great gifts that you’d like to share and add to the list?


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