Ninja Turtles Magformers Review

Ninja Turtles Magformers Review

Heroes in a half shell!  I recently received the newest set from Magformers, which is their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set, and was pretty impressed with it.  Check out my Ninja Turtles Magformers Review below.

The folks at Magformers were nice enough to send me their Turtle Set before it hit stores, so I had some time to play with it…I mean, my kid did…nah, it was mostly me.  While they did send me the product to review, this review contains all of my own opinions and thoughts.  This post may include affiliate links.

What Are Magformers?

They are pretty much what they sound like – magnets that you can form into different shapes and designs.  They have a bunch of different styles and themes.  The one they sent me was their brand new Ninja Turtle set, so it had the typical colors associated with the mean green fighting machines – your reds, blues, purples, oranges, and, of course, green!

Magformers ninja turtle review

What I Loved About The Ninja Turtles Magformers

  • Creative and challenging – this is such a nice change from your electronic toys that are so common nowadays.  This really tests your kidninja turtles magformers review and pushes them to learn and figure things out, while getting them to use their imagination.
  • Colors and pictures – these Magformers are very brightly colored and have pictures of all of your favorite Ninja Turtles and other characters!
  • Design options – they supply you with a couple booklets that give you instructions on different builds you can do.  There are a lot of cool options where you can connect a bunch of pieces together on a flat service and then pull it up into a 3D creation. Very cool!
  • Quality magnets – for being toy magnets, I was very impressed with the quality of these things. They are actually pretty strong little magnets.

My son is only 17 months old, not the recommended age for this toy, but he loved these things.  He’d sit there after dinner in his high chair and play with these for a long time.  This was a great distraction so my wife and I could actually enjoy dinner and actually talk to each other!  Now, he obviously doesn’t have the ability to make the more complex designs, but he did great pulling them apart, stacking them and even matching up some of the colors.  Again, not promoting that you let your young child play with these. Magformers suggests this toy for ages 3 years ad up.  Our son was under close supervisions as he played with these.

We had my niece, who is 8 years old, over the other day and she played with these for a while.  It was really cool to see her follow the instructions and work to figure things out.  If she made a mistake or it didn’t come out right, it was back to the drawing board.  These are great for improving problem-solving skills.

Here is a quick clip of Noah having some fun and learning with the Magformers.  Now obviously he’s not following the instructions and making any complex, 3-Dimensional structures, but he loved stacking them, sorting the colors, and practicing his counting with them.


Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Ninja Turtles Magformers.  The only complaint, which isn’t even really a complaint, was that the instructions on the Pull Up designs could have been clearer.  Some of the complex designs claim you just pull up and it all forms together, but really you have to go very slowly while correcting most of the pieces as you go so they all stay in line.  If you do it too quickly, you just get a big ball of magnets and you have to start over.  But again, not a huge complaint.  Maybe I was just too impatient.

In the end guys, our whole household really liked these and I am glad we found them.  Definitely something that I can see Noah playing with for years to come.  That boy is already obsessed with magnets – they are all over the fridge, the dishwasher, the trash can – so these are some great new toys for him to play with.  These ones will stay in the box though, when not in use!

These are also a great gift idea if you know any kids that have birthdays coming up.  Check out all of their different sets at

Have you guys heard of Magformers before?  Do you own any?  What are your thoughts on them?  Thanks!


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