More Dad Time Leads To Smarter Babies

More Dad Time Leads To Smarter Babies

A recent study, published in the Infant Mental Health Journal, took a look at a father’s interactions with their babies in the first 3 months of life and compared that with their cognitive development more than a year later.

The researchers from Imperial College London, King’s College London and Oxford University found that the children who had very active and engaging fathers – playing and interacting with them regularly in those early months – tested better in cognitive tests.

dad involvement

The study conducted looked at how moms and dads play with their babies under certain circumstances. It was all documented and then reviewed by different research teams, months down the road.  The study looked at 128 fathers and found a very positive correlation between highly engaged fathers and how babies scored on cognitive tests.  It also showed that the more positive the dad is in nature, the better the child tended to do on the tests.

So basically, we make kids smarter just by being around them.  It’s science.


Sources: and Imperial College London. Originally written by Ryan O’Hare. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.




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