Making Special Dad And Baby Time

Making Special Dad And Baby Time

More and more we are seeing dads get more involved with their children, but sometimes it can be hard to find special ways to connect with your child.  Mom and baby will always have that special bond and it is made stronger by all the time they spend together.  So, it is important for dad to have some ideas for dad and baby time.

It is pretty easy to understand how growing inside of someone and be 100% dependent on that person would make you feel kind of close to them.  But once in the real world, in most cases, that baby is still spending all of their time with momma and is completely reliant on her.

If the mom is a stay-at-home-mom, then obviously the one on one time with baby is going to be much greater.  Even moms that do work typically get at least 6-12 weeks off, to be home with their new baby.  Now, some dads are lucky enough to get paternity time off too, but it isn’t nearly as common.

Moms that breastfeed usually feel that their bond with baby is even stronger.  And when they are feeding, there really isn’t a whole lot that dad can do to be involved. (I suggest sleeping!).

But, look, I am not complaining and no guy should.  Moms have the hardest job and they deserve all the frills, perks and extra cuddles that come from all they do.  But, sometimes dad can feel left out and it is important to have some special ways to interact and bond the baby as well.

Here Are 5 Ideas For Dad & Baby Time

Make Beautiful Music Together – If you know how to play an instrument, this is a great way to get some special dad & baby time.  The sound of your voice, regardless of skill level, along with music is very soothing to a baby.  And as they get older, playing and singing along with dad can be something that your kid loves and looks forward to each day.  Whether you learn some kids’ songs and lullabies, or if you share some of your favorite tunes with them, this is a great avenue for building that special bond.

music time with your baby

And if you are not so musically inclined, that is fine, you can still sing to them.  This is still a great way to spend some time together.

Own Story Time – you will hear all about how having a nightly routine is key to getting your baby on a solid schedule.  One great part of that routine should involve reading to your child.  This is one area that dad can shine…assuming you can read.  Test, test, 123.  Ok good!  Give mom a break to unwind and go catch up on some past episodes of Fuller House or The Bachelor. 

dad and baby time

Story time is something that will last for several years and it is a great thing to be a part of.  You get the chance to spend some alone time with your child, build on your bond with them, and teach them new things.  To quote a classic show from my childhood:  “Just take a look. It’s in a book…”

Puppet Shows – Hey, there’s got to be a reason why Sesame Street, Lamb Chops, and all those other shows with adults with their hands up puppets have been staples in children’s entertainment for all these years.  This can be a fun treat for your little one, before bed each night, or just as random entertainment throughout the week.

This is also another great way to incorporate some learning in with your fun and entertainment.  As your kid gets older you can count along, teach vocab words, or just be stupid and talk in funny voices.

Celebrate Mom – I know, I know, the whole idea here was to get some special dad & baby time…why do we have to bring mom back into it?  Well, because she’s that important and deserves it.  A fun way to bond with your little guy or gal is over ways to make mommy light up.  You can spend time making art projects or crafts for her, make funny or cute videos for her, or really anything that involves you and your child working together on something to make her feel special.  You’ll be amazed at the joy that can be delivered from dipping your baby’s butt in paint, stamping it on a piece of paper and trying to morph it into some animal or heart or something….you get the idea.

dad and baby bonding

This probably won’t be a nightly routine, like some of the others on the list, but this can still be something you try to do fairly regularly and the benefits are twofold – you get to build on that daddy/baby bond and you get to earn some brownie points with mom.

Be A Goof

Yeah, I know, several of the things on this list will make you look somewhat goofy, but I think people underestimate how important this can be.  Be silly with your baby and young children.  Funny voices and sounds can go a long way for entertainment and bonding.  Mimic their noises and communicate with them and relate to them that way.  Make them laugh!  Every parent loves hearing that belly laugh come out of their kid, so do whatever you can to make that happen.


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