How Clean Is Your Toothbrush?

How Clean Is Your Toothbrush?

Does your toothbrush sit in a cup or holder on your sink, just feet from the toilet?  I think you know where this is going.  Studies have proven that your exposed toothbrush is subject to a variety of surface and airborne microbes.  It isn’t fun to think about, but the majority of our toothbrushes are contaminated.

IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield Review

The folks over at IntelliDent were kind enough to send me some samples of their product, the ToothBrush Shield.  Even though I received sample products in exchange for my review, all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

My wife HATES my toothbrushing routine, which consists of me brushing and then just throwing the toothbrush into the holder, where the water and leftover paste run down the brush and forms, what I assume are thriving colonies of happy little germs.  So she was thrilled when I got this product to try out. The cloth shield actually helps to dry up some of the water that is left after brushing, so it doesn’t pool in the bottom of the toothbrush holder.

There’s What On My Toothbrush?!

If you ever watched Myth Busters, they did a video on just how much travels from your toilet to your toothbrush when you flush.  It is pretty damn disturbing.  Basically, yeah, everyone’s toothbrush has fecal flakes on it.  So another plus to a cloth shield, like this, is that it will block a lot of those traveling poop particles from getting to your brush.

Surprise Toothbrush MiniMyth

Storing Your Toothbrush When You Travel

I used to use one of those plastic cylinders when I traveled.  When I think back on it now, it makes me want to throw up.  You are basically sticking a wet toothbrush into a concealed space, just begging for bacteria to grow.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that using a plastic container is a problem because they act like a petri dish for growing various bacteria and viruses.

toothbrush caseSome Quick Product Stats

  • Laboratory tested.  99.9% effective barrier from airborne and surface bacteria.
  • Breathable, quick drying shield acts like a surgical mask for your toothbrush.
  • Effective for 7 days.  Then you simply replace with another.
  • Great for travel, home, your office and anywhere else you might need a brush.

Conclusion on IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield

This is a product that I had never heard of but was pleasantly surprised with when I received it.  They are very cheap and easy to find. You can find them at Walgreens, DrugMart and pretty much any pharmacy. Or if you want to show my page some love, you can get them from Amazon by clicking here.

The reasons I like it

  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Disposable.
  3. Blocks poop particles and other airborne terrorists.
  4. Dries your toothbrush faster.
  5. Great option for in your travel bag.

Have you used the IntelliDent Toothbrush shield or something like it? Let me know what product you like and how you store your brush.


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