How Your Smartphone Addiction Affects Your Kid

How Your Smartphone Addiction Affects Your Kid

New research done by a professor at Illinois State University shows that parents who struggle to limit their time on smartphones and tablets have kids who tend to show more behavioral problems.

Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune:

“We need to critically examine our device use,” said Brandon McDaniel, family and consumer sciences assistant professor and author of a study scheduled to be published this week in the psychology journal Child Development. “Let’s be mindful of how phones can influence us, so that we can be the master of our phones instead of our phones being the master of us.

McDaniel surveyed 170 parents – the majority of which had been married for several years – to find how the use of technology in the home affects the interactions between children and their parents.

What did the study find?

Parents who admitted to having an addiction to their tech also reported that their interactions and relationships with their kids were being interrupted.  This interruption would lead to their kids acting out, having crying fits, not sharing feelings, or even getting aggressive.

Do you check your phone too often?  Do you feel lost if you do not have your phone on you for short periods of time?  These are the signs that you may have a problematic relationship with your technology.  But, having said that….we just described pretty much 85% of the world’s modern civilization.

Technology is great….but put down the smartphone and play with your kid.

Source: The Chicago Tribune.




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