Hide ‘n Spin Monkey Toy Review

Hide ‘n Spin Monkey Toy Review

Get ready to monkey around!  This is a fun and entertaining toy for your baby or toddler.  The monkey has several buttons to push, which play fun sounds and songs and also light up.  A good toy for teaching shapes, colors and even counting.

Hide N Spin Monkey

Place the balls in the monkey’s head or barrel and listen to him count and make general monkey sounds.  Press his monkey nose and he’ll hide his face and then all the balls will drop out of the barrel.  After the balls are all dropped, they will spin in the carousel below.  Small leaf-shaped blockers keep the balls from rolling out on to the floor.  If you remove the stoppers, the balls will shoot all over your house and your kid can play fetch.  Not a bad idea, if it is 2 hours ’til bedtime and you need to burn off some energy.

baby monkey toy

What is the age range for this toy?

This toy is rated for 6 months up to 3 years.  From personal experience, I can tell you that this toy is better when the kid is on the younger side of that scale.  Once my son was standing and was a bit heavier, the weight of him leaning on the monkey’s head caused the toy to no longer function properly.  It still makes all the noises and everything, but the head no longer hides, which is what makes the balls drop…which is the whole point of the toy.

Your kid will pull up on the monkey’s head, which is fine when they weigh 15 lbs., but once your kid starts passing that 20 lbs. threshold, the weight is a bit much for that monkey head.  So, that is my advice if you do want to buy this toy.  Buy it for them when they are 6-9 months of age.

If you want to grab one for your little one, please click here.

Final Thoughts on the Hide ‘n Spin Monkey

Overall, this is a very cute toy that will entertain your son or daughter for months.  My son, who is now almost 15 months, will still play with this, even though it doesn’t work properly.  He still enjoys pushing the buttons and putting the balls in the holes.  Again, I recommend getting this when your child is younger…around 6-7 months.


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