Gift Ideas For Your Expecting Wife

Gift Ideas For Your Expecting Wife

Ice cream, pickles, Doritos, and reruns of Full House.  These are just a few of the things your expecting wife might need over the next 9 to 10 months. The list doesn’t stop there though.  Here are 7 gift ideas for your expecting wife.

Body Pillow.  This thing is a must have for your expecting wife.  This crazy looking pillow quickly becomes their nest, when in the bed.  This is perfect for helping out with the sore backs, legs, and every other body part that needs comforting.  The one that my wife loved, which is also the best-selling on Amazon, is the Snoogle.

gifts for expecting moms

Supports the neck, back, hips, and that belly!

Most versions of the Snoogle come with a sham-style removable cover that is machine washable.  This is definitely a plus, if this is going to be used nightly.  Plus, you know there will be ice cream and other food stains on it.

Belly Wrap.  Another essential to put on your list, guys.  As your lady’s clothes start to fit differently, this will help hold everything in place.  There is going to come a day, sooner than she may want to admit, that she will no longer be able to button her pants.  This will help her still wear those jeans, by holding them in place and giving extra support.  This allows them to get those “oh my gosh, you don’t even look pregnant” remarks from their friends and coworkers, that they need.  This also smooths everything out and hides any seams or bunches in the clothes.

There are a lot of women that will continue to wear these wraps after the baby is born, while they work on losing some of the baby weight.

Here is a inexpensive example to check out – La Reve Maternity Belly Band 

gift ideas for your expecting wife

My Breast Friend.  No, that was not a spelling error or a Freudian slip.  This product is actually called My Breast Friend and it is awesome.  This pillow wraps around your gal, giving support and making nursing your baby so much easier.  It has a back rest to help her posture and prevents her from getting a sore back during those endless feedings.  It also gives her arms a much needed break from holding that little bundle.  Your little one will lay perfect of the soft, flat, surface while he or she enjoys a snack.  It also has a handy little pocket on it, to store a burp cloth, bottle, TV remote, you name it.  The cloth cover can be removed and safely machined washed.  My wife and I recommend this product to any expecting friends that we have.

best gift for expecting mother

Belly Support Band. This is not the same things as the wrap we just talked about.  A belly support band is exactly what it sounds like – it goes around your lady’s belly and helps support that growing bump.  It applies gentle compression in the abdominal area and the elastic band takes some of the excess tummy weight off of her lower back and hips.  Something like this Azmed Maternity Belt is nice, as it is one size fits all.  It will grow with that belly over the upcoming months.

maternity gifts for expecting wife

Maternity Bra.  There are many various types to choose from.  I’d recommend going for a more practical one that can be used for nursing and pumping.  I know this is a site for guys, but I am not going to throw up any bra pictures. Sorry fellas.  But, the idea is that the cup of the bra can be pulled down, so the baby is able to eat, or a pump can be used, without actually removing the bra.  This is very handy, so your spouse can do other things while she pumps, other than just holding the pumps in place.  Trust me, when it is 2 A.M., she is not going to want to sit there and hold those things in place for 15 minutes.

We used something like this Vigoo Womens Maternity Nursing and Pumping Bra and it worked great.

Stretch Mark Cream.  Yes, they have a cream for that and your wife will want it.  No matter how much you reassure your wife that she is glowing, there are going to be times that she doesn’t feel great about her changing body.  Stretch marks are just one of the many facets of this and an area that you can help out.  Get her some lotion specially made to reduce stretch marks, because this is something that every woman is worried about.  Like all pregnancy and baby products, there is a plethora of options, so do some research.  Here is one good option that we really liked.  Okay, personally I hate this smell, but the lotion did the trick.   Palmer’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks.

for the expecting mother

Massage Therapy.  While it was cute in the past, fellas, your homemade coupon book for such a service is not acceptable.  Anything that has “Happy Ending Optional” written on the back, in your sloppy handwriting, probably isn’t what you want here.  We are talking about getting her a professional massage from a licensed therapist.  Pretty much anywhere that does massages will do prenatal massages.  Look into this.  Not all woman will like having their tummies rubbed, and that is fine, they can just opt for a regular massage.  Check on sites like Groupon and you can usually find deals in your area.

expecting wife gift ideas

While the professional massage will go a long way, be prepared to offer up plenty of your own massage services.  You will quickly hone your skills of massage on the lower back, feet, neck, and pretty much everything that can get sore on her.  Yeah…everything but the boobs.  You won’t be touching them for a long time, guys. Sorry.


There you have it guys – 7 gift ideas for your expecting wife.  This is all stuff she is going to want, so you can come off like Prince Charming, if you get any of it for her before she buys it herself.  This stuff is going to make everyone’s life easier, so get shopping.  Let me know if you have other great ideas that fellow fathers-to-be should know about.


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