Dads Are Stepping Up More Than Ever

Dads Are Stepping Up More Than Ever

A recent global survey has proven that men today are more involved in childcare than ever before.

In an article on Brainerd Dispatch, it was stated:

Nearly 70 percent of people thought men had a “greater responsibility for the home and childcare” than they had ever had, according to a survey of 18,180 adults across 22 countries including India, United States, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico and Britain.

Of the countries polled, the 3 that still seemed to feel that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, were Indonesia, Russia, and India.  All the other countries that took part in the online survey, in early May 2017, were much more progressive in their thinking, on the mother’s role in today’s world.

Women that do get out and join the workforce shouldn’t plan to get equal pay though, in most countries.  Women, on average, still only earn about 77% of what men do.

According to a recent study by the International Labour Organization (ILO)

A World Economic Forum study last year found efforts to close gender gaps in workforce participation and pay had slowed so dramatically in the past year that men and women may not reach economic equality for another 170 years.

So I guess the silver lining is that men are stepping up and being more involved in parenting.  And that is awesome news.



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