DadGear Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Diaper Bag Review

We’ve all been out and seen a guy toting a lovely flower pattern diaper bag, right?  You know that dad had no say in that purchase.  As more and more dads step up their role in child care, we are seeing more options and products geared towards men.  We will take a look at one option here in this DadGear Diaper Bag Review.

DadGear is a company that makes and sells a variety of man satchels for every occasion.  They have everything from traditional diaper bags, to backpacks and messenger bags, to accessories and even vests.

The folks at DadGear were nice enough to send me one of their messenger bags to try out for this review. While they did send me promotional materials, this review contains my own opinions and was not influenced by said materials.  

DadGear Diaper Bag Review


  • Stylish – A very nice looking bag with a cool pattern.Dadgear messenger bag
  • Baby wipe dispenser – You can get into your baby wipes without having to rifle through your bag.
  • Space – Plenty of space in the main compartment, plus several smaller compartments for storage.  I was easily able to keep my son’s diapers, wipes, puffs & other snacks, sippy cup and some extra changes of clothes in the bag.
  • Material – You can just feel that this is a very well made bag and will last.
  • Practical – It is a slick looking bag that has enough room for everything you need and it isn’t super bulky or bogged down with random features that you won’t use.
  • Extras – Comes with a changing pad.  Just an awesome extra that they include.

The messenger bag that I received retails for $80.  DadGear Messenger Bag Review

Honestly, I would purchase this bag.  I think for that price, especially, you are getting a great bag that you can be proud to wear around town.  I personally like the messenger style bag over a traditional over even the backpack.  Just my preference though.

If you want to check out this, or some of the other bags they offer, visit

Are you guys using your wife’s diaper bag or what do you prefer to use when you take the baby out?  Let me know your favorite styles and brands.  Thanks!

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