Routine Hygiene Product Sending Kids To The E.R.

Routine Hygiene Product Sending Kids To The E.R.

The touch, the feel of….cotton being removed from your infant’s ear canal because you used a cotton swab to clean them.  Don’t do that.

You have probably been told by your pediatrician, friends with kids, or family members that you should not use cotton swabs to clean out your children’s ears.  There is just too much risk of possibly perforating the ear drum or having a piece get stuck.  You know how much your kid squirms when you try to do any kind of maintenance on them, so why would you think of sticking something in their ear during that?

According to an article posted on,

A new study published in The Journal of Pediatrics revealed that from 1990 to 2010, more than 263,000 children had been treated in emergency rooms for cotton-tip-applicator-related ear injuries in the United States.

If an injury is caused due to a cotton swab being pushed into the ear canal, have it treated right away. Hesitating to do so could lead to dizziness, pain, bleeding, and even a loss of hearing

Luckily, this is an easily preventable injury.

  • Use a washcloth to clean their ears.
  • Don’t leave cotton swabs where they can find them.
  • Ask your pediatrician for the best tips on hygiene.




  • We are guilty of this. We used cotton swabs when the kids were younger after baths and now they always want them. I even went to the doctor because I have a bit of hearing loss (unrelated according to the Dr) and they were able to tell right away that I use cotton swabs. It’s a hard habit to break!

  • Yikes! yea we play with cotton swabs to sort and push them through straws and such, but no we do not put them in the toddler’s ears. A little ear wax never hurt no one heh.

  • Great advice! It’s scary to see how many injures there has been from cotton swabs. I’m scared to go anywhere near my kids ears with these.


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