Best Movie For Your Kids On Netflix: May 2017

Best Movie For Your Kids On Netflix: May 2017

Being released to Netflix on May 1, 2017, Happy Feet follows the story of a group of emperor penguins in Antarctica.  When one of the baby penguins, name Mumble, is born without the ability to sing, which is how the penguins attract a mate, he has to come up with a new method for impressing the ladies.  So, you get a dancing penguin on a quest for love, who isn’t afraid to shake his tail feathers.

The movie is fun for kids and it teaches them that being different isn’t always a bad thing.  Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood, helps prove to your kids that you can overcome adversity if you aren’t afraid to try.  Happy Feet is full of entertaining music, songs, and dancing that will keep your little one’s attention. The adults will find humor in Robin Williams’ character throughout the movie.

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I have seen where other people are offended by the stereotyping of the Latin penguins, who seem to always be partying, and the African-American penguin who comes off as preachy.  I guess I can see that, but it’s a kid movie…move on.

There a couple scenes where the penguins have to escape from some large seals, who are trying to make dinner of the flightless birds, which may be scary for smaller children.

In addition to Elijah Wood, there is an all-star voice roster that includes Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Brittany Murphy

Overall, Happy Feet is a cute movie that most children, and some parents, will be able to enjoy.



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