Baby Proofing Your Home – Part 3, The Bathroom

Baby Proofing Your Home – Part 3, The Bathroom

Everyone’s favorite room!  This is no different for your little ones.  For some reason, maybe because they aren’t really allowed in there now, they love it.  Soon you won’t be able to get them interested in the toilet…but for now, they are very fascinated by it!  So, we need to look at ways for baby proofing your bathroom to keep them out of the toilet, cabinets and other things they shouldn’t be getting into.

Baby Proofing Your Bathroom

Toilet Seat Lock – I don’t know why, but the toilet is the most fascinating thing to my son.  He is always trying to touch the bowl, or put his toys in there.  So, this leads to lots and lots of hand washing.  Getting a good lock for your toilet seat can help prevent this.

toilet seat belt

A product like this Toilet-Seat-Belt is made specifically for toilets and has very positive reviews on Amazon and other sites that offer it.  A great start in baby proofing your bathroom.

Another option is the Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock. Where most methods use a strap and lock of some sort, this option uses suction and doesn’t need to be wrapped around the seat in any way.

toilet bowl lock

Bathtub Spout Cover – The older your son or daughter gets, the more wild they are probably going to get in the tub.  One wrong lunge or slip could be potentially dangerous if aimed the wrong way.  In most showers & tubs, the water spout sticks out several inches and is made of hard metal.  This could definitely cause injury, should your child hit their head against it.  We use and really like this Bath Spout Cover.  It covers that hard metal surface and it adds to the fun of bath time.

bath spout cover

Bath Water Thermometer – While you may enjoy sinking into a 95 degree bath, that may be a bit warm for that little baby tushy.  A bath water thermometer is definitely an essential when it comes to bathroom safety.  There are plenty of options to pick from and it is really whatever meets your fancy.

We use something like this Nuby Hot-Safe Bath Duck.  Not the most technical option out there, but it did the job and is only $5.

bath water thermometerduck thermometer









Here are some other neat options to look at, for some digital water thermometers.Bath thermometer for baby

Babylian Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer. – This is a more fun option that also comes with a digital readout

Duckymeter, Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer. – Like the Snail, this digital duck option gives you a nice, clear digital display of the temperature.

Word of caution, these electronic thermometers have great reviews in the first couple months and then people seem to complain about their reliability and continued functionality.

Baby Bath – In the first few months of life, you’ll most likely be doing bath time in the kitchen sink and there are many state-of-the-art bath tub options out there.  This one is something different and unique.  And even though this may not make it into the bath tub,  I still wanted to share this great idea for bath time, because we love it.  The Blooming Plush Baby Bath Flower.  I know people who set there kids in a clothes basket in the tub…whatever works.  You just need something to confine them so they don’t get hurt. We still use this flower in the big tub to lay his head back on when it’s time to rinse his hair off.

Blooming flower bath foam

Adjustable Cabinet Latches – Just like the living room and kitchen, this Swiss army knife of a latch can be used in the bathroom, as well.   You simply use the 3m tape to secure these locks in place.  A great way to keep your kid out of those lower drawers and cabinets that they shouldn’t be in.  These cabinet latches are great for baby proofing your bathroom.

baby proofing your bathroom

What other tips do you have for baby proofing your bathroom?  I am sure we missed some, so please share!

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Here is a picture of my son, doing what he loves to do in the bathroom.  At least no one gets hurt with these kinds of antics.



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