Baby Proofing Your Home – Part 1, The Kitchen

Baby Proofing Your Home – Part 1, The Kitchen

Baby proofing.  It seems so innocent, doesn’t it?  I mean it has the word baby in it.  This is something that can easily get away from you and get pushed back until it is too late.  Don’t put this off until your little one is running around your house.  So, let’s take a tour through your house and cover what all you’ll need to make your home baby proofed.

Our First Stop – Baby Proofing Your Kitchen

Might as well start off with the most popular room in the house, right?  So, what do you need to baby proof your kitchen?


Take it from the father of a 15-month-old…. for some reason opening and closing cabinets is better than the most expensive toy you can buy them.  As fun as it may be, slamming a digit in those doors will turn that smile upside down very quickly.  You also need to consider what is being stored in those lower cabinets that they are getting into.  I am pretty sure 9 out of 10 people keep their cleaning supplies under the sink.  Not exactly baby friendly….or organic.

Here are some top baby proofing products for keeping those little hands out of those kitchen cabinets.

Magnetic Locks – This is what we use in our kitchen and we really like them.  Easy to install and you do not have to drill anything, which is awesome.  After attaching the locks, you use a little magnetic key to unlock them and get into your cabinets.  It takes a few days to get used to having to grab the magnet when you want to open the cabinets, but it quickly becomes second nature.  Our magnet key just sticks on the fridge when we aren’t using it.  Check out Safety Baby Magnetic Locks for your kitchen.

Tip: Put the lock next to the handle of the cabinet or drawer, so you can easily find it will the magnet key.

magnet safety lock

Sliding Cabinet Locks – These are still very popular.  Another easy to install option that doesn’t require you to drill or make any alterations to your cabinets.  Something like this is all you need to get the job done.  These aren’t the most ascetically pleasing option, but they serve their purpose for sure.

baby proof cabinets

Adjustable Cabinet Latches – Another tool for your proofing arsenal.  Like the previous example, this product doesn’t require you to do any real assembly.  You simply use the 3m tape to secure these locks in place.  Another solid baby proofing option for your kitchen.  These straps can also be used on trash cans, stoves, and basically anything else that you do not want opened.

Pressure or Spring Loaded Locks – I feel like these are becoming less popular, due to the fact that most of them require you to drill into your wood.  There are versions that use 3m tape or other adhesives to hold the latches in place.  Once installed, these are pretty easy for most adults to operate.  You simply crack the door open a bit and then push the latch down.  The drawback – my son learned how to do this already at his grandparent’s house.  These have been around for ever though, so clearly they work and people like them.  You can pick some up here.

baby proofing your kitchen

Now that we are keeping hands out of those lower cabinets and drawers, what else in your kitchen is a potential trip to the E.R.?


Not everyone has a pantry or closet in the kitchen, but at our house, this is where the good stuff is housed.  All the chips, crackers, and future cavities are just waiting to be enjoyed.  So, naturally we don’t want our little man having himself a buffet, whenever he feels like it.  So here are some options for baby proofing your kitchen pantry.

Door Knob Cover – It is really that simple.  These inexpensive and simple pieces of plastic clip onto the door handle, making it pretty much impossible for little hands to turn.  The cover is larger than the handle, so it just hangs loosely if you try to turn the whole thing.  You have to slip your fingers in the holes to actually turn the real knob, underneath.  We use these ones from Munchkin.

door baby proofing

The Multipurpose Latch – The same adjustable cabinet latch that we talked about above for cabinets, can be used on doors also.  Using these latches is another great way to keep those kiddies out of the pantry or any other doors they should have access to.  There are several different brands and types of adjustable latches, so take some time and look around at the best option for your kitchen.

Door Monkey – You are already sold, on the name alone, right?  The Door Monkey lock and pinch guard is a cool take on baby proofing in the kitchen.  No longer do you have to either drill or use double-sided tape.  The Door Monkey is a clamp that is easily added to most doors.  It also acts as a pinch guard, if the door does happen to be left open and your kid tries to shut their finger in the door.

baby proofing doors


If you have a pantry or cabinet that isn’t built into the wall, you 100% need to secure that puppy!  Just think how awful that could play out if junior decided to pull on the handles or tried to climb up it.  It is hard to think about, but you need to, so you can make the best decision.  A simple wall mount like this can save your child’s life.
baby proofing your kitchen


Hopefully you are already getting in the practice of turning all pan handles inward when cooking on the stove.  But, is that all you can do to make cooking on the stove safer for your inquisitive little one?

Stove Knob Covers – Much like the door knob covers we already covered, these knobs clip onto your stove knobs, making it difficult to turn..unless you are a clever adult.  Like everything on this list, there are several brands and types.  Check something like this out and see what you think.

stove baby proofing

Oven Door Latch – Once again, we refer to the adjustable latch from before.  Seriously, these little bad boys have so many uses.  These can be used to make sure the oven door stays closed, unless you want it open.  You can also try a latch like this one, from Safety First.  These also work on microwaves…as do the adjustable latches.

kitchen baby proofing

What else could you latch or lock in the kitchen?

Don’t forget the kitchen trash can!  Once again, your simple adjustable latch will do the trick nicely.  This is the same with the fridge, if you feel the need to keep that on lock-down, as well.  What else did I miss?

This concludes Part I of Baby Proofing Your House.  Now that the kitchen is secure, we’ll move on to the living room, for Part II.  Stay tuned!

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