“Anti-Vaxxer” Campaign Leads To Measles Outbreak in Minnesota

“Anti-Vaxxer” Campaign Leads To Measles Outbreak in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is currently battling a measles outbreak on the back of anti-vaccination campaigns.  There are 48 cases reported, currently, most of which are young children.

It is estimated that roughly 90% of individuals, not vaccinated, will contract measles if exposed to it.

In an interview with NBC News, David Johnson, program manager with the Hennepin County Health Department, commented:

What we have now is a community that was really influenced by these anti-vaccine groups. And they’ve performed a natural experiment: to forgo the measles vaccine based on this propaganda.”

David explained that in the community that’s affected by the outbreaks, their vaccine rates were once higher than average but have plummeted to half of that. “And unfortunately now we are seeing the result,” he said. “Measles is spreading rapidly in the community and 11 children are hospitalized. And at the same time there is no evidence of any corresponding drop in autism in the community.”

The Minnesota Health Commissioner, Ed Ehlinger, is asking for $5 million in emergency funds to aid the state in this crisis.




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